What is CSA?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, a newer
concept whereby customers support their local farmer,
like Apple Hill Farm, by purchasing shares of produce at
the start of the spring or summer growing season, the
consumer then gets to pick up a set number of weekly
“shares” that the farmer prepackages for them. This
helps cover the cost of the farmer’s spring planting
expenses and start up for the growing season, and gives
the consumer some “ownership” of the crop and get a
savings as well.
While there are many versions of this program, we have
decided to implement a CSA Debit Card system,
allowing you the consumer to choose how and when you
spend your share ensuring that you and your family get
the most out of participating in this program.  The
advantage that we will offer to you is a 10% bonus that
Apple Hill Farm will share with you as a preferred
consumer, (eg. A $150 CSA card will get you $165 of
We all benefit from supporting the “Buy Local” concept of
keeping the cash dollars in your local community.  This
card can only be used for the 2017 season until we close
the farm stand at Thanksgiving, however it can be
recharged at any time with the 10% savings throughout
the 2018 season. It can be used on any item we grow
here at Apple Hill Farm, and can be used at Pick the
Yourself, The Farm Stand or our booth at Farmers