May 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the May 4th, 2011

What a difference a year makes, by this time last year we all done with bloom, the bees were gone back home and we were nervous about frost. Yesterday a few early blossoms opened on some peaches and the apples are at early tight cluster stage, this is a more normal spring. Frost is always a concern in May and the old farmers always watched for the full moon in May as the last chance for damaging cold temps. This year the full moon is on the 17th. But work goes on here on the farm, 1/2 acre of peas in the ground, and I will start preparing land for planting in earnest this week. All of the compost that we made last year will be spread, fertilizers applied to fields as recommended by the soil tests we took last fall and then on the fields that were seeded to a rye cover crop in early August last year the mold board plow will till in the 1 foot tall rye, followed by the harrow. Later cover crop seedings, ( as we harvested crops) are not quite as tall and I can save some fuel and just run the harrow over them to prepare the soil. USDA entomology researchers will be here on Fri. to set up this years insect research plots. More on that later. Chuck

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