spring 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the April 15th, 2011

Spring is moving along quite fast now, we are finishing up on the apple tree pruning and should be done next week. Then onto the Blueberries. If soil temps continue to rise I will plant some peas by the 22nd. Brush chopping will be an ongoing project, the raspberries need to be cleaned up, irrigation set up on strawberries after the mulch is removed…… Whew! For us spring is like stepping on a rollercoaster, right now we are moving out of the station and there is long climb ahead of us. The good news is that the Tom turkeys have somehow equitably divided up all of the hens and disappeared off into the hinterland to do what comes naturally, and nearly every evening we hear male woodcocks trying to impress the ladies. Chuck

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