spring 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the April 4th, 2011

Well after an April Fools day snow, here it is the 4th of April and it is snowing again. I know that many people are not happy about this but we are happy for it. If you may remember last year at this time we were looking at green grass the apple buds were showing green tissue and we had the earliest bloom on record, all to be ruined by a frost on the 10th of May. So a cool April for us is good thing. We are looking forward to a more normal spring. We have been pruning nearly every day. I did some quick math the other day and weighed the brush we pruned off one McIntosh tree, 38lbs. Multiply that times the 120 trees per acre in that block and that is nearly 2.25 tons of organic matter that we return to the soil, each year. Add to that the three to four times that we mow the orchard each year and it adds to up to a lot of organic matter. I read a lot about carbon sequestering, and the new buzzword in farming, permaculture, and I just believe that farmers are the first environmentalists. We have been quietly recycling, planting trees, sequestering carbon, building soil organic matter, keeping open space productive and producing food, forever. Speaking of buzz words I have a report from one of our beekeepers that his bees look good this spring appearing to have made it through the winter. Our other beekeeper is looking at some losses due to mites in the bees. Lets hope for more good weather we have a lot to do this spring.

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