Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the July 18th, 2010

Wow it has been a whirl wind few weeks. We have finished picking strawberries, now the process of renovation begins for next years crop. In the old matted row beds we begin with an application of a broad leaf herbicide to (hopefully) control the weeds that plague matted row production. Next will be a mowing of the plants, then rototilling the row middles, then water, water, water. In our Plasticulture strawberries we use a weed wacker to remove excess vegetation, cut of by hand the excess runners and then water generously with the drip irrigation. In case you haven’t noticed in the Concord area we are in a drought situation, this has meant that we have been running irrigation almost continuously for three weeks now. I am getting tired of moving pipe. We have been able to keep enough water on our fantastic blueberry crop. This hot weather is I feel going to make our raspberry crop a “flash in the pan” as one oldtimer said to me. At this date 7/18 we are still picking raspberries for another week. We are open for picking Mon. thru Sat. mornings only 8 to noon. We have pre picked berries in front of the farm stand all day every day. The big questions are, when is sweet corn available, peaches? and when is the farm stand opening? First, next weekend on the sweet corn, I hope. We have now some of the earliest peaches available, we might have a brief lull in between this variety PF1 and the next but we have a great peach crop coming. The farm stand, we are thinking about early to mid Aug. Come on up and check our new pond construction set to begin on Mon. Gotta go move some irrigation pipe, Chuck