Come and see all the different varieties in the store

Posted in Uncategorized by Diane on the October 30th, 2009

With all the apples harvest, I think this is the first year where we actually have a great crop on all the varieties.
We have 35 different varieties available in the store this week. From the common to the uncommon. And with this cooler weather it’s a great time to fire up the sauce kettles and the ovens for baking.

Last Farmers Market for 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by Diane on the October 30th, 2009

Other gage the change of the seasons by the weather temperatures and the changing of the leaves. Here at the farm it’s by the crops. Apple harvest is complete and this Saturday, Oct 31st. is our last farmers market for the 2009 season. It’s always sad to end another year, however we hope to have some fun at the last market. Concord Farmers Market has been every Sat. morning 8:30 – Noon right next to the State House on Capitol St. Oct, 31sr the vendors who are the last standing will have some fun, come in costume and have trick and treats for the kids. While Concord Main St. will have a stroll the night before it’s always less scary when the sun is up. Come and celebrate the last market for the 2009 season with us in downtown Concord. And for any of you who are still saving your 2009 WIC Farmer Market coupons, now will be the time to use them. See ya at the market. Diane

harvest over

Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the October 29th, 2009

wow, finally harvest is over, our picking crew will be doing a few clean up jobs and then headed back to Jamaica on monday. They have worked tirelessly, 7 days a week sun up to sun down, I can’t say enough about these men, but honest hard working , honorable and dedicated family men come to mind. I have not had time to tally up the bushels yet but my gut and lack of empty bins tells me it was a good crop volume wise. Now to sell it all at a profit. No rest for the weary, I have get going on soil tests, planning for next years plantings, pressing a lot of cider, and getting all of our equipment wnterized and put away. By Thanksgiving I suspect Diane and I will be ready to take a day off, the first since April. Chuck

Saturday, October 24 – Halloween Hoedown

Posted in Uncategorized by Diane on the October 22nd, 2009

Back by popular demand again this year is our Halloween Hoedown. In conjunction with The Children’s Place this fun filled day is to be shared by all. It’s a celebration of the end of the season and a fun time for children to come in costume and have some fun. Saturday, October 24th from 11 – 2 we will have apple sampling, hot apple crisp and ice cream (the cold stuff donated by Granite State Dairy Promotion and the dairy farmers of NH). Games, music and activities for all ages.
It is rain or shine so dress appromiately (we should all be used to this from this summer). Wagon rides will happen if it’s not to muddy but we’ll have events under cover if it’s drizzling to hard.
Any futher questions you can email us or give our farm stand a call at 224-8862 between the hours of 8:30 and 5:30. Hope we see you there! Diane


Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the October 17th, 2009

OK, it got cold last night we experienced below freezing temps for about 12 hours, Wow! What does this mean for the apples that are left hanging? Well I,m am not exactly sure but think the longer we wait before picking again I think it will be better. For sure our commercial picking of Macs and Cortlands is finished, frozen fruit will not stand up in storage. That being said varieties that have naturally evolved as later ripening will be OK to pick and consume. Crispin, Fuji, Golden Delicious and others will still be available for picking this weekend, (10/ 17 and 18), and we hope for next weekend. The sun is shining now, get out here and pick some apples and get a pumpkin. Sunday’s forecast looks a bit damp but we will be here. Chuck

Columbus Day Picking

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Yes we still have an abundant supply of apples for pick them yourself. The varieties just keep growing and McIntosh and Cortland are the best they’ve been all season. Cool nights and sunny days have sweetened them up and made them delicious! Fall raspberries are finally winding down. You can still find a few but picking will really slow down as this week winds on.
The biggest question we have is can we bring our dogs.
As we are dog lovers ourselves please feel free to bring them along. Leashes are good and we ask they you are responsible for them as not And Chuck has assured us the tractor drawn hayrides will be available from 10-5 on Columbus Day and you can get the discount price of $1.00 per pound with our usual weekday savings. Bring your binoculars as the geese have been flying strong with many v’s spotted each day.

apple testing

Posted in Uncategorized by Chuck on the October 8th, 2009

Yesterday I spent half the day testing apples for maturity, I could tell you how I test the, brix, pressure, starch index and degree days but in the end I just take a bite. While I do enjoy this part of my job and I am sure many would think this would be a cool way to spend a morning, I am here to tell you that after a while it does become a task. I probably tasted fifty apples and near the end none tasted right. That is when I grab a hand full walk into the farmstand and ask the first of our many great employees I see. “Here taste this and would you be happy buying it?” I ask. They tolerate me quite well and offer some really good advice. The bottom line is this, this weekend we will bw adding to the selection in the farmstand, Macouns, Golden Supreme, Northern Spy, Spygold, Wickson, Empire and if the mood strikes me some Red Delicious. Next weekend? Ambrosia, Ashmead Kernal, Hudson,s Golden Gem, and Calville. It’s the best time of the year to be an applevore.